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Turn your Dutch from a Handicap
into a Weapon

The strategies + tools that I used (as an expat) to teach myself Dutch. Extremely quickly. All while working a full-time job, having a side job and enjoying life.

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Hi, I'm Wissam Khaouid

I work with highly-skilled expats in the Netherlands (65k/year income or higher) to turn their Dutch from a handicap to a weapon.

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1) The Bold Expat Newsletter

I share both proven and cutting-edge tips to help you start learning Dutch the right way.

2) The Dutch Transformation Program

Live group training teaching you to create systems to 10x your productivity in learning Dutch.

3) Individual Coaching

Work with me in person, and get a coaching custom-fitted to your personal needs. Start with booking "Growth Session" to align needs and expectations.

Enter my world

The most Outrageous thing EVER...

Learning Dutch from an expat just like YOU đź¤Ż

You just want a life that works.

You want a life where you effortlessly integrate into the Dutch society...

You want to stop feeling like a foreigner in the country you chose as your home.

and stop feeling like you are walking around feeling like everyone is speaking some sort of secret code, and you are being left watching on the sidelines.

Perhaps you don't need to be the most fluent Dutch speaker, but...

You want to be able to walk into any room, and handle yourself in Dutch without any issues…the same way you can in English.

What you DO NOT WANT is:

Wasting endless time and money on books, courses and tutors...

and getting little to no results.

Or worse yet:

Feeling that you made progress, only to lose it in a short period of time.

That means you have to learn to learn Dutch the right way.

If you can, you’ll get everything you want.

If you can't, nothing will ever be enough.

End the cycle now

It's NOT your fault your dutch sucks ... I mean slow to take off 🚀

If you're an expat who's been living in the Netherlands for some time already, then this is probably old news for you.

If you're fresh off-the-boat so to speak, let me tell you something:

Learning Dutch while in the Netherlands is a blazing Dumpster-fire.

It will take a lot from you personally.

It's not about how tough the language itself is.

If you have been trying to learn but not getting the results you want, then let me tell you:

It's not your fault!

I mean you’re dealing with your daily life, sometimes your encouraged to go and learn Dutch, and others you just get away with English

You deal with some people who make you doubt how much progress you made and just speak English back to you

You deal with lack of practise opportunities in real life if you’re just starting out…

You’re sacrificing your time and money on the one hand..

You’re asking yourself Is it worth it, is it not worth it?

This is a symptom of being caught in the expat trap.

The environment is set up for you to fail at learning Dutch.

More about the expat trap. More than I can fit here. Is available in one of my articles.

There is a small window opportunity to get into the learning. If you miss it, if you don't jump, you get stuck.

The good news is, there is a way to break out of this cycle.

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Dutch Transformation Program

Get access to the world's only system that will enable you to Learn Dutch 99.2% self-study and 10X productivity as a highly-skilled expat.


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