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How I went from Zero Dutch to B2 level in 15 months as an Expat

The strategies + tools that I used (as an expat) to teach myself Dutch. Extremely quickly. All while working a full-time job, having a side job and enjoying life.

Meet your mentor

Wissam Khaouid

CEO, BoldExpat

Wissam is the creator of Bold Expat, a revolutionary new method for achieving success in learning Dutch efficiently.

In 2018, Wissam moved with his small family to the Netherlands. He became disillusioned with traditional Dutch learning methods (courses, tutors, etc) when they didn't work for him when he needed them the most.

And it was only by teetering on the brink despair that he discovered the truth about Dutch transformation, which later turned into the BoldExpat way!

Wissam shares his unique method of Dutch transformation with expats online... teaching them how to let go of self-doubt, and empowering them to create massive success in their Dutch learning journey.

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1) The Bold Expat Newsletter

I share both proven and cutting-edge tips to help you start learning Dutch the right way.

2) The Dutch Transformation Program

Live group training teaching you to create systems to 10x your productivity in learning Dutch.

3) Individual Coaching

Work with me in person, and get a coaching custom-fitted to your personal needs.


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London E14 9NN - United Kingdom

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